Feb 10 2019

"Reflections Of You" is now out on all major digital platforms! Check it out now!

Jan 17 2019

Our new single "Reflections Of You" will be coming out February 1st. You can preorder and stream it now on our Bandcamp.
The single is in more of a slow EDM style compared to our usual dubstep/drum'n'bass stuff and is an emotional tribute to Max|Static's dog who passed away in 2017.
We hope you'll like it. :)

Jul 10, 2018

The EP has been delayed due to both members being busy with other things. But it's fairly close to being finished.
We are also working on a single that we plan to release to charity. More info on that to come.
Stay tuned!

Oct 04, 2017

Our website is now finally back online. We've migrated to a new host and are sorting out issues but the website should now work again. We are also proud to announce that our new EP "Fallout" is close to being finished and will be released soon.
Stay tuned!

Aug 20 2016

We are currently working on a new album with the first single hopefully coming by the end of the year! So far it sounds fucking awesome, and we hope you will agree.
The album will continue our exploration of cyberpunk themes together with hard-hitting beats and deep roaring basslines.
Stay tuned!

Jun 06, 2015

Automatic EP is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and several other places!
Get psyched!

May 29, 2015
AUTOMATIC EP - Coming 05/06/2015

The AuTOMATIC EP is coming out on 05/06/2015 and features 3 new versions of the tracks "Automatic", "Gravity Eraser" and "Into The Unknown" from our previous album "Awake In The Dark".
We've also included the demo version of "Sektor 7" from 2011 to show our evolution in sound since then, a shorter instrumental version of the Technomancer RMX of "Automatic" as well as the original AK0 version of "Gravity Eraser" by Max|Static.

The cover has yet again been designed by the lovely Tatchit and we are very happy with it.

Check out the samples below and you can preorder it at our Bandcamp store.

Jul 14, 2014
Our new album AWAKE IN THE DARK is now out!

The album is our followup to the 2012 debut album RISE OF THE MACHINES and features 8 brand new tracks, that some of our older fans might recognize from some of our earlier demos from 2011, though they have been substantially reworked of course.
Expect more hardcore beats and deep basslines and a full on electro assault!

The album also features vocals by UK artist Ion Plasma Incineration as well as remixes by Technomancer, grapeFruitBat and Zone Tripper.

Album Preview video:

You can check it out on:
WiMP (Norwegian):

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Apr 22, 2014
Our debut album RISE OF THE MACHINES has gotten a review, once again by Peek-A-Boo magazine. Check it out:
We're also happy to announce our second album is almost done and will be out soon. ;)

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Mar 20, 2014
Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine just posted a fresh new review of our ELEMENTS OF WAR single! Check it out:

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Mar 19, 2014
The new single ELEMENTS OV WAR featuring GRAPEFRUITBAT is now out via Sub Culture Records, available on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital, WiMP, Spotify, Klicktrack and several other places. You can of course also buy it directly from our Bandcamp storefront in MP3, FLAC and other formats. The single features remixes by TECHNOMANCER, ION PLASMA INCINERATION and SUPERCRAFT as well as 2 previously unreleased mixes! The cover artwork is of course by Tatchit as always! GET IT NOW!!! :D

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Feb 26, 2014
We are back again, this time with the first release in over a year! The single ELEMENTS OF WAR will be out 14th of March 2014 on SUB CULTURE RECORDS, featuring 3 remixes by TECHNOMANCER, ION PLASMA INCINERATION and SUPERCRAFT respectively, as well as 2 previously unreleased EXCLUSIVE mixes! Stay tuned as more stuff is coming regarding this release!

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Feb 02, 2014
Hello again!
Our first official release since our 2012 debut album RISE OF THE MACHINES is coming out on 07.02.2014 and it's a BRAND NEW UPDATED 2.0 version of our track CRISIS CORE, featuring vocals from both Technomancer and Max|Static! The track will be exclusive to the CULTURAL DIFFERENCES VOL 1 compilation from our label SUB CULTURE, which contains about 30 tracks showcasing other artists on the label, including TECHNOMANCER and ZONE TRIPPER! This track will NOT BE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!
You can check it out and preorder it here.

We also have a new single in the works so STAY TUNED!

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Jan 09, 2014
Hello again and happy new year! After a long period of this website not being updated we finally decided to take matters into our own hands and worked on rebuilding it from scratch, though still keeping somewhat the old design, although it has been improved upon quite a bit. The main reason for this is that we had very little control over the old site and therefore it became very out of date. We plan to keep this website updated with new information from now on and hope you will come back here often as a source of everything related to Lab5.

As you may have noticed, our debut album Rise Of The Machines was finally released in December 2012 on Sub Culture Records and you can get it from just about anywhere online, including
iTunes, Amazon, WiMP, 7Digital, Spotify and other places, as well as prelisten to it at Last.FM.

We're also hard at work on a new single as well as a new album, and a brand new version of our track Crisis Core will appear on the forthcoming Cultural Differences Vol. 1 compilation from Sub Culture Records.

Stay tuned!

- Technomancer & Max|Static

Jun 23, 2013
Hi Max|Static here as some of you know last December we had our first official album/ep released on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and many other mp3 stores but for anyone who happens to checkout our site who doesn’t know that previews of the tracks can be found on and spotify that being said work has been started on our second official album/ep and if all goes to plan that should be out this December.

I also plan to have the website GUI updated so its more user friendly but that will happen when I have the money to be able to afford to get it done, for the most part it will look the same it will just mostly be layout changes in places and the links to Bandcamp changed to other links since we don’t use Bandcamp anymore for official/main releases only for promo stuff,
The Sub Culture Records Record Label releases our music for us now,
so until the sites discography is updated you can search for us on iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and many other mp3 stores.

I plan on trying to update the site more often too and have a bunch of stuff to upload to it at some point.

- Max|Static

May 15, 2012
Welcome to the official Lab5 website!