REAL NAME: J.S. Brindle      BORN: 1985     SEX: Male      LOCATION: UK
HOBBIES: Music Production, Photography
INTERESTS: Music, Cyberpunk/Sci-fi, Rave, Gasmasks, Goggles
INFLUENCES: Zone Tripper, Carpenter Brut, Technomancer, Grendel, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Retrowave, 80's
MUSIC STYLES: Aggrotech, Darkelectro, Horror, Sci-fi, Rave, EBM, Trance, Chiptune
TOOLS: Korg Gadget (iOS-iPad) + addons, Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder
WEBSITE: http://maxstatic.deviantart.com

I started my musical experience at a young age at first I would learn to play the clarinet but I would then get bored of that due to not being able to play the higher notes properly, he when moved onto playing the keyboard but in time got fed up of practicing and that I was only learning how to play other peoples music, I then took a break for a quite some time, then one day I went to see a friend and noticed their brother was messing about with some music software called Fruity loops (Now called FL Studio) This interested me so over time I would go spend time with my friend's brother instead of watching my friend play videogames as that was often boring.
Some years later (2002-2003) I finally got the program my self and started experimenting with it, it took me a year or so before I made anything even ok sounding, over time I've gotten better and better and keep experimenting with new ideas and new styles.